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Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Your law firm needs to be able to engage with potential clients and customers across social media platforms. These days, people flock to Twitter, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn to interact with their favorite brands and find more information about them.

Don’t let your potential clients come to an empty social media feed when they find you.

Professional social media marketing for law firms lets you have a voice about the services you provide. Let your audience know that you have the services they need to be successful in their legal endeavors. Although you may think social media marketing for lawyers is not important, it’s a crucial part of your search engine optimization.

How a Social Media Marketing Firm Can Help Your Law Firm

Legal EFX can take over and manage all aspects of your social media marketing. Working closely with your law firm, we will create the social media marketing strategy that your firm needs to optimize your accounts. This means tracking analytics to guarantee you the best return on investment. This isn’t aimlessly following accounts or liking random posts—this is targeting the audiences you need to boost your presence and networking with the accounts that benefit your profiles.

Legal EFX has the necessary resources and expertise to properly execute a steady stream of activity across your platforms. The strategy we design for your law firm’s social media marketing will be the perfect blend of posts to ensure your accounts are active, but not overly active.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ are the main platforms that Legal EFX uses in social media marketing for lawyers. Together, we can design a schedule of tweets, posts, and article sharing to establish and grow your law firm’s engagement on social media. Our flexibility offers you the ability to decide your level of involvement in your own social media marketing. Review your messages before posting or sit back, hand over your credentials and let us handle it from here.


Get Started with Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

Legal EFX is ready to begin formulating the strategy your law firm needs to showcase your work and services to your digital audiences. We create custom social media marketing strategies individualized to each law firm’s needs because we recognize your need to stand out from the crowd and grow your clientele base.

Get started with us and utilize our repertoire of analytic and platform posting tools to create a comprehensive strategy and begin speaking on a digital platform. We work with your budget to bring you the attorney social media marketing plan best suited for your needs

Contact Legal EFX today to talk about utilizing social media platforms to increase your law firm’s digital presence.