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Attorney Website Design

A website can make or break a law firm; it's important to have a modern, stylish site that serves as a gateway for your client to interact with your attorneys, and vice-versa. At a reasonable cost, the Legal EFX design team can build a custom website for your law firm that is aesthetically pleasing, versatile, and effective at connecting you to your current and potential clients. It's important to have a website that functions well but is also enjoyable to look at, and that's exactly what we can create for you.

We offer free quotes and audits of your current website. Contact us today and let us create the right look and feel for your custom site.

Content Management

Once your law firm's website is up and running, it needs the fuel of fresh legal content to stay interesting and relevant. Legal EFX can keep up with the all of the important information coming from the fast-paced legal market, and will help you create and maintain a steady stream of informative content for your website. We will work in tandem with you to highlight the information that's most important to your clients and will help relieve the stress of staying constantly up-to-date.

Brand and Identity

Projecting a carefully crafted image to clients is paramount in law, and we can help you do just that. No matter what your law firm's branding vision is, Legal EFX can work with you to mold an identity and a focused brand that represents your core values. When clients think of your law firm, they'll have a strong, clear picture of your business philosophy and what you have to offer. We have the experience developing clean, professional law firm logos and can help you make your vision a reality!

Legal Internet Marketing

Using the latest law firm SEO and legal marketing strategies, we can devise a comprehensive plan that will utilize the power of the Internet to help your business grow. From handling your social media accounts to local and organic Search Engine Optimization, we'll utilize the various tools available to maximize your law firm's web presence. But our marketing won't break the bank either, we can do it all on a budget that works best for you.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our conversion rate optimization for your website can take you to the top of your market. A lawyer website can look amazing and draw a lot of visitors, but won't be of any good if it doesn't bring tangible business through the door. We want to learn what your online goals are so that we can manifest them in a way that connects you to clients with website calls-to-action and advanced analytics of your site's traffic. We can help increase your sales and goal conversions, so give us a call today!

Legal Content Writing

Good design and functionality are the foundation of a law firm's website, but to really thrive, it needs to be filled with engaging content. Our team of legal content writers can create and write quality content for you across diverse platforms. Legal copywriting doesn't have to be bland and boring, we can make it creative and interesting to readers. Legal EFX has experience writing on a variety of legal topics in many different styles, so let us help you turn your ideas into great content.

Law Firm Video Production

Utilizing multimedia will help your law firm stand out from its competitors, and we can help you do this with video production. We can produce anything you ask for, but in the past we've had success in producing videos for client testimonials, commercials, attorney profiles, and firm overviews. You don't need a Hollywood studio and budget to make a good video; we can do it just as well at a low cost.

Blogging and Company News

One of the easiest and most effective ways to connect with potential and current clients is to have a consistently active blog. A blog shares information with the reader and communicates your firm's ideas to them in an interesting way. It can be intimidating to start blogging, but with our experience and team of legal copywriters, Legal EFX can make it easy for you.