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Law Firm Website Design

Image is essential in law, which is why clean and elegant attorney web design can attract the eye of potential clients. Law firms can take charge of the legal market with engaging visuals and content driven websites. At Legal EFX, we focus on legal website design for lawyers and law firms of all sizes, and help connect your ideal client to your attorneys. With more lawyers entering the market and fierce competition for clients, let us help you stand out from the crowd.

Our custom web designs for law firms will help you attract the potential clients that best suit your practice area(s). With targeted SEO keywords and branded content, your legal website design will do the legwork for you. Let Legal EFX put our team to work creating a new or redesigned site to showcase your firm.

Legal EFX has a team of dedicated coders ready to give your law firm's website the focus necessary to present a captivating design. Our custom attorney websites are completed in house, with maintenance and support after site launch available upon request. With focused design, you can be sure you are only paying for design and coding needed to create a visually stunning and engaging web presence.

We offer free quotes and audits of your law firm's existing website. Get Started today and let us create the right look and feel for your new, custom attorneys website.

Responsive Websites for Lawyers

Our team is dedicated to helping you reach both current and potential clients. Web browsing is no longer one size fits all; rather people look for legal help at their convenience. For lawyers, a responsive website is the perfect solution if you find you're missing out on clients who only search using mobile devices. With responsive web design, we can help reach clients whenever and however they access your site. Legal EFX has a team dedicated to creating a custom attorneys website that solves the need for duplicitous website design.

Clients want to learn more about your law firm; so let them access your site using different mobile devices. A responsive website design will help craft your site into one that is more easily accessible on the go. From mobile phones to tablets, our team will create a responsive design that delivers and optimizes your website for a variety of devises.

Challenges Solved by Responsive Web Design

Our responsive websites for lawyers solve the need for separately designed mobile and desktop websites. Legal EFX custom designs your style separate from content. This means when one ratio changes, your content doesn't change, allowing your law firm's content to take center stage. No more text disappearing or cut-off at the bottom of a mobile browser screen. Our dedicated team provides Drupal and WordPress based content-managed responsive sites.

Why Responsive Web Design?

Custom websites offer clients a clean vision of the law firm, and what better way to attract potential clients than a responsive website. Responsive web design allows the Legal EFX team to incorporate existing content and images into a site that will be more easily accessible across different devices. Plain and simple it is the best option to reach your target audience. With responsive web design on your custom site, current and potential clients can find your information any time, and anywhere.

Is Responsive Web Design Worth The Cost?

Law is a business and the bottom line matters! Rather than fret over initial costs, think about all the lost business from potential clients who can't access your law firm's current website on a mobile device. Don't risk potential clients because of an accessibility issue. We can incorporate a responsive design in your current website, or design a new site to showcase your legal acumen. Our dedicated team has the tools and technology to make your site accessible and easy to explore on all the major devices on the market.

Legal EFX offers free audits of your current website. Contact us today for a quote and learn how we can help optimize your current site or build a fresh new website for your growing firm.

Custom Web Design

Customers want what they can see, so show off a clean, custom built website with stories of your law firm's success. Legal EFX builds custom websites for attorneys with a focus on engaging potential clients. Our design team works closely with firm representation to best represent the mission and vision of the firm in every custom design.

Why Go Custom?

  • Custom websites do only what you want! Don't pay for features you won't use!
  • Work with the Legal EFX team to custom build the features you depend on most, like company news and testimonial features.
  • Design sells - an effective law firm web design can draw in potential clients and encourage follow through.
  • Our technology experts build custom websites using WordPress and Drupal content management systems (CMS). A CMS gives you increased control and access to the new site.
  • Tailor your site with the help of experts. Your voice is important, and our design team works with you to design and built the perfect site.
  • Customizable options include: themes, content type, search features, interactive features, administrative features, and plugins, to name a few.
  • Once built, our custom attorney websites are easy to manage and maintenance costs are quite low.

Custom-built websites help your law firm stand apart from the competition. Contact us today for a free audit of your current site.

Blog Design

Blogs are a powerful marketing tool, one that can give you access to clients on a personal level and give them peace of mind that there's substance behind your image, before they've even had their first consultation. That's exactly what we do at Legal EFX, we help conceptualize and create a blog that will engage both potential and current clients to help you stand out in your field, no matter the size of the firm or expertise.

We can showcase your specialties in a custom, clean blog design for attorneys that will attract clients through strategies like using targeted SEO keywords and branded content that's best suited for your law firm. With striking visuals and content driven posts, you can help build your brand by letting our team at Legal EFX design an efficient and effective blog that will be sure to reach your target audience.

E-Commerce Web Design

Having an E-Commerce website designed by Legal EFX will add another dimension to your business that will allow you to process client payments through your website. Our designs are also secure, using encryption and universal best practices, and personalized to give you and your clients the best and safest experience possible, all while keeping your costs low.

One important feature we offer for your E-Commerce website is shopping cart development with an array of options that are tailored to your needs. This includes custom functionality where your clients can pay in a variety of forms, which will allow for a more widespread, but focused reach. Clients will also be able to use the site around the clock, which helps give more accessibility to your services. These are just a few of the many benefits that creating an E-Commerce website with Legal EFX will give your business.

Web Application Design

Web applications can cover virtually any need, marketing or otherwise, and if there isn't one that's available that can, we'll design and develop it. We can take the ideas you have for your business and design custom software that will work exactly as you envision it. Software out of the box will do some of what you want it to do, but for higher functionality, it's better to have applications that are coded correctly for your exact needs.

If you have any existing projects, failed or successful, Legal EFX can work with you to optimize what you already have in place and evolve it. Once your application has been created, it's flexible, maintenance free, and can be expanded upon at any time. Legal EFX takes care of building your application from the ground-up at a competitive price, so contact us today and let us know what we can do for you.