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  • Sharing your accomplishments with your current and potential clients can help drive new and repeat business.
  • Blogs communicate ideas and share information with a consistent schedule of posts.
  • Many law firms have adopted this method of sharing information with clients, but maintaining blogs and news updates can confuse or overwhelm those who haven’t done so before. Legal EFX offers you both experience and knowledgeable legal copywriters.


Blogs are powerful tools for communicating with clients and potential clients. With a legal blog, you can showcase your practice areas and highlight topics on which you wish to focus. Some might not know how product liability law and tort law are related until they see the connection in print. Unlike scholarly articles, blogs can be more informative for lay people and generally don’t include cited court cases. Rather these posts are meant to engage a layperson and help them understand why hiring a lawyer is the best step they can take when faced with a legal concern. When optimized for searches, blog posts attract more traffic and more potential business for your law firm.


Legal EFX can write and manage your company news content. This could consist of anything from new additions to the firm, major legislation that may affect current or potential clients, or news of a big settlement that you want to share. With up-to-date news articles or company announcements, your clients are more likely to stay engaged in your law firm and return for help with their future legal matters.


Legal EFX offers experienced legal content writers who understand the importance of driving new business and the constraints placed on lawyer advertising. With optimized blog posts, we can help drive more traffic to your site and convert clicks into clients. We can manage and provide content for your current blog, or provide you with new blog designs options for law firm’s website. Our blog designs for attorneys highlight your different practice areas and help current and potential clients learn more about your specific expertise.

  • Internal Links

    We optimize each blog to link within your site, which will help potential clients learn more about your firm and make that first phone call. This will benefit your attorney marketing by generating more page views, while also providing your site visitors with more information on your services.

  • Search Engine Optimization (Law Firm SEO)

    Our legal bloggers work to include commonly searched keywords and phrases in legal blog posts to drive more traffic to your website. Once a potential client clicks on the blog post, they are more likely to search within your site for more information. Let us turn your site visitors into clients using all of the technology at our disposal.

  • Focused and Fresh Content

    We strive to create unique legal content for each of our lawyers. This means getting to know your practice and communicating your specific message to your clients and potential clients. Our legal content writers will research and provide unique content that delivers a fresh outlook on trending legal topics. Legal EFX works to create and maintain a blog calendar with approved, focused topics that will engage potential clients and drive traffic to your law firm’s website.

  • Training

    Do you want your attorneys and other resources to create posts and manage your blog in-house? Legal EFX can help train your internal copywriters and copyeditors to develop and maintain a legal blog that is sure to get attention.