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Catching the eyes of potential clients and co-counsels is essential to building your law business. While this has always been true, making eyeballs stick grows harder almost every day as people spend more minutes of each waking hour staring at rapidly shrinking computer screens.

Legal EFX’s expert team of graphic designers and web marketing specialists will work with you to create an attorney logo that stands out on webpages, in smartphone app libraries, and from social media feeds.


Logos serve as much more than interesting pieces of corporate art. Smart and effective attorney and law firm logo design communicates your brand in the best ways possible. When people see your logo, they call to mind what you do and how they feel about your professionalism, expertise, and results. A poor attorney logo design and a badly conceived tagline puts viewers in a negative mindset. A strong logo accompanied by a meaningful, engaging tagline invites positivity.

The team at Legal EFX has designed countless logos for attorneys and law firms. We know what works, and we will not let you settle for designs that do less than you need.



Each law firm logo design project Legal EFX takes on starts with extensive discussions aimed at revealing our client’s business and marketing philosophies, practice areas, client base, and professional networks. Your brand already exists in these ways; we merely endeavor to highlight all that is good about that brand in the images and phrases we design and develop.

Once the logo set exists as a basic concept rendered in different sizes, shapes, fonts and colors, Legal EFX goes about purposing the image and tagline for websites, social media accounts, letterheads, email signatures, business cards, and brochures.


Legal EFX offers full law firm web design and digital marketing services. We can construct an online presence from scratch or help you revise and refine your graphics and messaging. We can also arrange for written content and put together online outreach campaigns. A new logo and tagline that bolsters your brand could be just the start of a productive partnership.

Law Firm Logo Design Portfolio

Legal EFX can help design a logo for law firms of all sizes, including sole proprietors, mid-size, and large corporate firms. Here are a few attorney and law firm logos we've designed.