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LawYER Website Development

Connecting with clients and legal colleagues requires developing and constantly growing a high-quality law firm website that serves as the hub for your online presence. Informative, well-written content, in-depth coverage, case results, client testimonials, professional endorsements, legislative news, blog posts, videos, and a steady stream of content via social media must come together in some combination to ensure your site ranks high in search results and delivers the information visitors’ want to see.

If that seems like a tall order, it is.

Only excellent law firm web development can produce an excellent attorney website. The graphic designers, coders, market analysts, copywriters, and IT consultants at Legal EFX have the experience to develop the website your law firm needs.

Custom Attorney Website Development

We treat each client as a priority, and we never push one-size-fits-all designs. We always make attracting, holding, and converting your site visitors our primary goals when developing a website, but we also make sure that each firm receives the pages, text, and digital features that best match their practice areas, client base, and budget. Clients can contract for the services they desire—everything from logo design to e-commerce—at a fair and reasonable cost.

Legal EFX offers legal website development for solo practitioners and multinational partnerships. We specialize in targeted SEO, with no long-term contracts, and we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that our clients stand out among fierce online competition by building branded content over years of close collaboration.


Make Sure People Can Find You and Access the Info They Seek

Legal EFX develops, maintains, and supports websites that display equally well on desktop computer monitors, laptop screens, tablets, and smartphones, as well as all major web browsers. Our team continually researches and incorporates keywords that rank at the top of search results in Google and Bing. Making such responsive web design a foundational element of our law firm web development process ensures that our clients’ sites are always easy to find and easy to read.

Having a website developed by Legal EFX minimizes the possibilities for missing connections with potential clients and co-counsels. Our team can also analyze your existing attorney website and prepare a plan for converting it to one that displays optimally on all devices.

Create a Website as Unique as Your Law Firm

Your website introduces you to clients and colleagues. Make sure it portrays your staff, services, accomplishments, and legal knowledge in the best ways possible. Follow no competitors’ design exactly. Never just repeat content verbatim. Offer features no other law firm does. Ensure each webpage reflects your mission and vision.

Legal EFX’s lawyer website development team works closely with each client to build a custom site from scratch that express a unique voice. Each site is also designed to expand over time. A password-access controlled content management system (CMS) lets authorized users intuitively add and update webpages when necessary. As a result, a site that launches as uniquely yours only becomes more so over the weeks, months, and years of its existence.


Build a Community Via Blogging

One of the best ways to use a CMS is to regularly post blog entries that explore specific topics of interest to clients and colleagues. Legal EFX can help with this by developing a custom attorney blog design and arranging for professional copywriters to draft posts that you review for accuracy and tone.

Regularly posting to your blog raises your site’s ranking in search results, lets you explain complex issues in detail, allows you to answer specific questions from multiple angles, and provides flexibility that attorney profiles, practice area descriptions, and case results summaries lack. You can invite comments and encourage follow-up via blog posts. Enabling interactivity can be invaluable for building a client base and strengthening professional networks.

Explore the Possibilities of E-Commerce

Your law firm website is not Amazon, but it can function as a payment hub. Legal EFX offers scalable e-commerce solutions that range from accepting secure credit card payments to full case or account management for long-term clients and clients on installment plans. Firms who try one form of e-commerce often work with Legal EFX’s web development team to expand their options to better serve their clients.


Apps by Design

If you have an idea for a law firm or legal app, Legal EFX can develop it at a competitive price. Even if the concept has already been executed, our team can customize the existing code to make the app uniquely useful for your law firm and your clients.